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Flightless Fruit Flies

  • Our flightless fruit flies make dispensing them a snap with no escapees!
  • Our bulk user cultures are packed with adult flies, the culture will produce many generations of offspring for you to use.
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Product Description

Flightless Fruit Flies

Drosophila hydei or melanogaster

For live delivery guarantee: if your temps are below 55 or above 85° the "Hold for Pickup" button must be checked above!

Our fruit fly cultures come with 20-30 adults that will be your stock culture, you will use the offspring of these larvae and be able to go through many series of generations using the same cup.

Fruit flies are perfect for mantids, anoles, salamanders, spiders, dart frogs, and even bettas!



It will take 7-10 days upon receiving your culture for the flies to begin producing babies.

Your culture should be kept between 65° and 90°.  Always keep 5-10 flies minimum as a breeding culture to lay new eggs, on the other hand don't let too many flies breed as crowding will damage your culture.