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Premium Chow for Insects

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Product Description


Food for Dubia roaches, Madagascar Hissing roaches, mealworms, and superworms

Produced by MS2 Enterprises - Alaska's leader in feeders

 This unique blend is made with human grade and organic ingredients including bee pollen with protein sources that are exclusively plant based.  Premium Chow is made with reptiles in mind and can be used with crickets, mealworms, and superworms, but roaches really thrive on it.




Q. Can I use this as bedding for my mealworms & superworms?


A.  While Premium Chow can be fed at full strength to protein eating insects like roaches, those that need a high ratio of carbohydrates will do extremely well with chow mixed in at a rate of 1/4 cup per one cup of bedding.



Q. Why does Premium Chow contain pollen?

A.  Although most people think only bees eat pollen, in nature most major classes of insects require it.  Even spiders who are primarily carnivores will eat pollen caught in thier webs.  Pollen is known as a superfood as it is 40% protein with half of that as free amino acids (meaning they can be directly used by the body) and contains nearly all nutrients required even for humans.  It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight.


Q.  How does that translate to food for my reptile?

A.  In the laboratory, research has shown that there is a substance in bee pollen that inhibits the development of numerous harmful bacteria like salmonella. Pollen has an antibiotic effect because it inhibits bacterial growth.  Insects that have complete nutrition are loaded with vitamins and benefits that your reptile will ingest and indirectly benefit from.
Healthy feeders = healthy animals.


Q.  How do I store my Premium Chow?

A.  Since the pollen and plant sources are a type of food with some healthy fats, it is important to keep it refrigerated.


Q.  Does Premium Chow contain chicken mash?

A. No, in the wild reptiles don't suffer from calcuim deficiencies like they do in captivity.  One of the reasons for this is they eat a wide variety of plants and not a diet composed mainly from chicken mash.  Chicken mash can also contain artificial fats, proteins, and lots of corn which easily molds.  Molds can easily lead to the death of your animal.  Chicken mash is manufactured for mass producing chickens, and can be medicated and/or contain hormones.




Review by JS: I breed 13 large colonies of 5 species of roaches as feeders for my reptiles. I tried out MS2 Enterprises roach chow and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I like that it is made from 100% organic human grade ingredients base so I know there isn't ingredients such as cheap dog food ground up my chow. Good quality product and the customer service is better than exceptional. Shipping was fast and pain free. 

Review by TK: Here at Enigmatic Reptiles we are HUGE fans of MS2 chow. We have had an increase in production and faster development of our roaches. The chow lasts a long time and doesn't add any additional aromas to the facility (huge plus for us). After many trials of brands, mixes, and other commercial products, we have found our feeder chow.  If I had to think of any negative it would be that the roaches eat so much I have to feed more frequently (if that could even be considered a negative). Best chow product on the market!

Review by JM: the best chow out there!!! any feeder insect willl eat it up!!

Review by YLH: Our shipment came in today. We could NOT do what we do here, without this chow. Our roaches breed more and produce more babies , than any other chow we've tried in the past three + years. We love this product and so do our fat and happy feeders. I also think I am seriously in love with these beautiful bags. Such a pretty color ! 

Review by HJ: Got roach chow and all my feeders love it!!!! Highly recommended

Review by AL: I bought some Chow for my Dubia's and they love the stuff. It was the first time my roaches cleaned the plate. Great product and great service.

Review by AM: Roach chow is the BEST!! Like seriously, guys! It's totally worth every penny! When I first started trying to breed dubias, I was getting a few babies here and there. When I 100% switched to THIS chow, they seriously exploded or something! I almost have more babies than I know what to do with! So get on over to her and buy buy buy!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!! 

Review by AD: My roach colony has exploded with babies since I started feeding ms2's roach chow! I have more, and fatter bugs and happy reptiles!! 

Review by IS: When the dubia's know this is in their tub the head straight for it. I also use it in my superworms and mealworms and they love it too. Top grade chow! 

Review by HC:  I have used different feeder chows and this one is the best! My crickets and dubias love this stuff! I highly recommend this chow for any feeder. Plus it has very good ingredients that you would want your reptile to eat. 

Review by AC: This is hands-down my favorite roach chow. I raise dubia, hissing roaches, and superworms as feeders for my collection of lizards and tarantulas. Since switching to this product, I've seen a noticeable boost in production. Additionally, I can say with confidence that my animals are getting a nutritious supply of food. The claim of "your insects will make a bee-line for it" is certainly not an exaggeration either -- I love watching my feeders swarm into their food dishes with the lights on and the lids open. It smells pretty good to the human nose too.

I keep this chow in the refrigerator to ensure freshness, but haven't had any issues with leaving it out either. It comes in a powdery form, so I found it best to have a scoop to transfer it into feeding dishes.

This is a great product all-around! My feeders like it, my reptiles/arachnids like it, and I like it! 

Review by JS: I have tried other Roach Chows but this MS2 Chow really works my Dubia colony has tripled in size since I started using it and my Leopard Geckos egg production has gone way up! Superworms like it too! Great Stuff and Great customer service 

Review by HJ: I've been using this chow for a while now and couldn't be happier!! Your feeders will love it!! My dubia roaches go crazy for it and I also use it in with my mealworms and superworms. I keep mine in the freezer to help keep it fresh and have never had it mold like some roach chows have done in the past. I feel good knowing my reptiles are eating nutritious feeders. 

Review by CS: best chow I`ve tried so far. I need more!!!. 

Review by LM:  The roach chow from MS2 is, in one word, Amazing. I have never had my Dubia roaches completely destroy a bowl full of food like they do this stuff. I will never buy any other chow. I coined a term, "Roach Crack". Because thats what it reminds me of the way they flock to it. I have had a breeding population explosion since switching to MS2 Chow. I cannot say enough about the way I feel about it. If your really serious about giving your roaches the best there is, then this is where you need to start. I promise you will NOT be disappointed. 

Review by AM:  LOVE! I can never praise the roach chow from MS2 enough! When I first started trying to keep and breed roaches, they wouldn't breed. The temperatures were right and everything. One month after switching to MS2 roach chow, I had an explosion of babies! My roaches will actually swarm out of their dark hiding places to eat when I put their chow into their bowl in the light! I highly, highly recommend THIS chow for the bugs far above all others. 

Review by JAM: this is by far the best chow to feed any feeders for your reptiles!!!! if your looking for quality this is the route to take! 

Review by LD: Best stuff on the planet is right! MS2 Chow is like the top drug that will make your feeders wag their tails and pant like dogs for it! By the way I have been tempted to put some in my cooking lol! It works so well on feeders well why the heck not humans ha! If you haven't tried it yet then get on it and get yourself some 

Review by LL:  I have tried it and my roaches love it! My crickets eat it up like crazy also!! I especially like to buy it because Marcy makes it fresh!! I love the idea of feeding my insects this awesome Chow because I can be assured my reptiles are eating are getting the best gut loading food there is!!

Review by AM: Her roach chow is the BOMB! My roaches go nuts over it. Their breeding has exploded awesomely. AND! I haven't *had* to clean my roach bins since switching my roaches 100% to her feed. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good chow and love spreading the word for her as much as possible

Review by HJ:  not much to say but i love it and so do my bugs. i use it for roaches and for my mealies & supers i sprinkle it into the substate. 

Review by MF: Ms2 chow is amazing. My roaches destroy it like there is no tomorrow and I even sprinkle it in with my mealies bedding. 

Review by JA: your chow is awesome...Gonna have to order some more soon..heheh..The crickets are gettin all fat off of it..rofl..

Review by NDJ:  MS2 Premium Chow is what we use for our dubia roaches. The roaches love it, are very healthy, lively, and pass that nutrition onto our geckos. We use the best possible feed for our feeders and have yet to find anything better.

Review by GO: This is by far the best Insect food. I feed it to all my roaches and even mealworms get some. Best stuff around.

Review by AC: I'm definitely a fan! As long as it is available, I am a customer. I love the obviously visible results, from the dubia swarming to the burst in production. Of course, my reptiles and carnivorous arachnids are thriving on my feeders as well. Wonderful product!

Review by AL: This is a wonderful product. When I purchased my first Dubia colony the breeder told me to feed them dog food. I tried that and didn't like crushing it. So I tried this chow I heard so much about. Well I love it and the roaches do too!

Review by DA: My roach colony LOVES ms2's chow! Put some in and they all flock to it! They are reproducing like mad, and are big and fat! I would never feed anything else! 

Review by YH:  We have been using MS2 Premium Chow for quite some time now. We use it for our in house dubia breeding colony and the feeders dubia that we sift from there for feeding our reptiles. Our dubia are crazy for it and immediately swarm the bowl when given fresh chow.

One of the first things we realized after the first couple of months of feeding it to the breeding dubia was the increase of nymphs was three times the amount of what we have experienced prior to using MS2 Chow. We have used a lot of different products in the past and this by far is the best we have used and the results have been amazing. 

We also had to cut back on the amount of feeders that we give to our adult leopard geckos as one of the side effects of MS2 Premium chow, is that the animals gain and keep more weight. 

Upon initially realizing this, we did an experiment with hatchling leopard geckos. We bought a batch of small feeding size nymphs from a seller here in North Carolina and then divided our hatchlings into two groups consisting of ones that had been produced here in our home along with some that had been purchased from other breeders to grow out. The group that was fed nymphs which were fed solely on MS2 Premium Chow, outgrew and outweighed the group that was fed nymphs kept on standard commercial chow.

All the leopard geckos produced and hatched here are fed only dubia until they reach 20+ grams. Using the MS2 Chow, they reach that weight much faster. After 20+ grams, they are then allowed to have meal worms.We used to order from Grubco, but upon recommendation from Marcy Sowers, we switched to Rainbow meal worms a few months ago . We order ten thousand meal worms every five weeks from Rainbow. Immediately upon arriving, the first thing we do after getting them into their bins , is provide them with several scoops of MS2 Chow, carrots and some leafy greens. They quite literally devour every single granule of chow within an hour. The meal worms are as crazy for it as the dubia are.

We also purchase a few thousand crickets every few weeks for our frogs, scorpions, tarantulas etc. The crickets are maintained on the MS2 Premium Chow. We order Super worms on occasion, and they are also fed with the MS2 Chow. Basically, if it is feeder insect and is in our house, even the pet Wide Horned hissers, it is fed this amazing product. Since experimenting with it , we have never used anything else. 

I am a true believer that an animal is only as good as what it eats. Health wise, size, color and even attitude, depend on a high end quality diet. MS2 Premium Chow not only meets my critical high standards, it exceeds them. There is nothing else on the market that is this good. We have tried a lot of them in the past, they do not measure up. It is the only chow that we feed all our insects and is also the only insect chow that we recommend. We love it, ( I love the fresh smell of it, even smells wonderful ) our insects love it and the results are clearly visible in the incredible condition of our entire reptile collection.

Review by HJ: My dubia love this stuff!!! I also sprinkle it in with my mealies and supers and my geckos grow like crazy!!



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