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  • Sherry, California
    • I've tried many different places to buy our feeders and by far rainbowmealworms is the most affordable, quickest and best quality service. I love u guys!!!


  • Steven , Nebraska
    • I ordered my waxworms from another vender 250 of which 150 perished in 48 hour delivery. I banged my head against the wall and realized my loyalty will always be to Rainbow.


  • Krissy, Utah
    • I will never waste my money at the pet store again, we received 100 adult dubias, 200 small dubias, 750 superworms,and 1500 meal worms and everything was perfect. I live in Utah and its January! its cold. Im impressed. Thank you


  • Liz, Florida
    • WOW!!! Never thought my mealworms would arrive so fast!!! Made one little turtle very happy!!


  • Travis, Indiana
    • WOW! First off I had the start of a bad exp. my crickets I ordered half were dead mostly due to the fact that its like fridged as all heck outside! but rainbow mealworms was quick to respond to my email and make it right 5 star customer service and I will continue using them for this fact they are a great company and obviously care about their customers!! thanks rainbow meal worms!


  • Bernhard, Canada
    • Worms always come alive and on time and my lizards can't get enough of them! I only order from rainbow mealworms, even in the winter when the temperature drops because they supply heat packaging to ensure my bugs are alive. I'll be sure to spread the word to all of my fellow reptile enthusiasts. Thanks, Rainbow!


  •  John, Virginia
    • Got my mealworms today even though its really cold out less than .1 percent died in shipping. awesome store


  •  Steven, Nebraska
    • This company is generally the 1 reccomended feeder company spoken of in the National Leopard Gecko 'Scene". They are 1. I only order from them and trust me in the past 16 years I have tried many suppliers.The ONLY place to buy Giant Mealworns.


  • Jean, Wisconsin
    • I, too was forced to look elsewhere for mealworms for my beardies, and found Rainbow Mealworms, decided to order the GIANT mealworms,as the large ones I've ordered in the past seemed to be getting smaller and smaller from Fl***r's also. Holy GIAGANTIC, Batman!! These worms are so huge, my beardies only have to eat about 5-10 per day (compared to eating 40-50 of the others) I am ordering crickets today - as the lifespan of others I've been receiving from that someone else seems to be decreasing with each order. I am excited and can't wait for the new crickets to arrive!!


  •  Michael, Michigan
    • Have ordered mealworms several times. always a terrific experience. great product, timely service, no surprises. An ideal on line shopping experience


  • Abel, California
    • Great place to get mealworms and dubia roaches my leopard gecko loves them. I placed an order Friday before noon and they arrived the following day. Not even one dead. Will definitely be ordering again from them


  • Kourtney, Arizona
    • Fabulous customer service, fabulous prices, fabulous shipping time, fabulous products, and fabulous everything all around. My number one feeder source!


  • Rachael, Nebraska
    • I am a first time customer and I am very happy with my order. I ordered 250 superworms and I am sure I got more than 300. Also my delivery arrived way sooner than I expected. There were no dead supers at all! Thanks for the great product and delivery!


  • Madison, Utah
    • We bought rainbow mealworms from our local pet store and I decided to check out the website. I found incredible deals that can't be beat anywhere else. We got our shipment of mealworms a few days early than we thought we would get them which is always a plus! Our worms are great size and definitely healthy. I love how detailed the website is on how to care for each insect and how to best feed our reptiles. Thanks Rainbow mealworms!!


  • Alexander, Florida
  • Marilyn, Michigan
    • I have never seen worms as healthy as these... I switched to Rainbow because Fl**kers were out of live mealworms. Im never going back!   Rainbow has me as a customer for sure! I also ordered the green Hornworms; guys they look awesome too. my bearded dragon luvs u guys!


  • Rose, New Hampshire
      • Love this company and would recommend them to any one great customer service fast and the worms look amazing when I get them :) very pleased customer I will definitely keep ordering from them


  • Anita, Maryland
      • I am truly amazed and grateful, by the excellent service that is provided from your facility. Thanks you rainbow mealworms!! my two beardies are finally growing healthy and strong from eating your crickets, dubias, and Phoenix worms.


  • Stephen S, 15 year Leopard Gecko Breeder:  
      • I just wanted to thank you on the mealworms. They were great and only seen a few beetles and dead mealworms. It's the best quality, I have ever received and the fastest shipping.


  • Ross E. Parrish, FL:  
    • I received my mealworms today, as scheduled. They were much better than expected. The quantity (5,000) but probably more and quality were unbelievable. I have been purchasing my mealworms from the local bird store and they have never looked as good as the ones that I received today. Buying mealworms from Rainbow Mealworms is well worth the money because it's a great deal. I will continue to buy my mealworms from Rainbow as long as the bluebirds keep eating them. Your description of your mealworms on your Website was 100% accurate, i.e., fat, large and lively.


  • Chris M, Lewisberry, PA:  
    • I am very pleased with my order. Great quality mealworms, best I've seen yet. I will definitely recommend your company and do business with you again. Thank you very much!


  • Johanna B, Colorado:
    • I first ordered from you when your website was recommended to me by gecko experts. And I am always impressed with the quality of your products, be it food for the geckos, or food for the food for the geckos. It is not difficult to see the difference in quality between your mealies and the ones from Petsmart or Petco. Not to mention that yours cost a fraction of the pet store ones.  Since we switched to your mealies, our tiny, scrawny, 38g male has grown considerably. He is now a healthy 8 inches and 50g. It didn't take long either. His transformation is proof enough that your mealies with your food are of superior quality

                    Thank you for offering such outstanding products at such an affordable price


  • Ruby in Florida:
    • We received our order on Tuesday and I just had to write and tell you how very pleased we were with the quality of the mealworms.  We were also very impressed with the packing and shipping method.  We only wish your company sold birdseed as well for our other wild birds.  Our bluebirds just can't stay away from their feeder.  Thank you again and we will order again -- soon.


  • Pierrino in Los Angeles
    • Your superworms were excellent, very tasty  (yes he ate one!)


  • Zach in West Virginia
    • Just letting you know I got my giants and there wasn't even one dead worm, that was great!   Thanks again for another great order i'm a very happy & life customer
  • Stephanie in North Carolina
    • Just wanted to let you know my order arrived safe and wriggling! Even though we have 5 inches of fresh snow today with more coming! This was the fastest order yet! Yay!
    • The superworms are awesome in size yet again! My beardie is thrilled! 
    • I thank you so very much for your amazing service!!! And I look forward to ordering from you again soon!
  • Nancy C,  Camp Dennison, OH:  
    • Thank you.  They were perfect…just perfect.  The feed was in the box and the worms were big, squirmy and juicy.  I can’t believe what I have been buying at the pet store.
      I’ll only order from you from now on.  Your product is great and your quick , helpful customer service was  impeccable.
  • Carole, Yorba Linda
    • I received my mealworm delivery this morning.  The delivery person even rang the doorbell this time.   Thank you so much.  You have great customer service.  I wasn't expecting such a big delivery.   I really do appreciate it.  I will make sure I let everyone I know who has needs for feeders to go to you!

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