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  • Ross P., FL  4/21/17

    • Rainbow Mealworms is the best! My mealworms always arrive in great condition and arrive on the scheduled date without delay. Very dependable service!


  • Ryan S., WA  4/18/17

    • I love the combo pack I bought. My chameleon has been loving the hornworms and the superworms. I will definitely be buying more from you guys! 


  • Douglas P., OK  4/18/17

    • I have purchased meal worms for our bluebirds for a couple years from Rainbow... I have had OUTSTANDING service, delivery is great, quality of worms fantastic... I am a loyal client


  • Viridiana A., CO  4/15/17

    • I got the today they shipped and got here so fast! I loved the packaging and they all came alive so impressed! I will be buying more horns worms from this company!


  • Menalie M., GA  4/14/17

    • SUPER impressed with y'all!! From the website, to initial order, to the AWESOME email notification (I was running errands, got the email and cut my day to get back home) to the Follow-up. And SUPER DUPER looking worms. I have 3 bird houses up! and setting up a 150 gallon aquarium!
      Got my daughter hooked on Bluebirds, so she will get some to try to attract them. THANKS AGAIN Y'ALL ROCK AND ROLL!!!!


  • Stephen G., CA  4/11/17

    • One day to my door!
      BUT, I ordered 1000 mealworms and only got 986!

      KIDDING! Perfect!

      Great packaging,


  • Emilio B, FL  4/10/17

    • My lizard friends are munchin hard on these awesome super worms I order!! Thanks rainbowmealworms.net / great service, great delivery / great overall!! Pass it on!!


  • Diane B, PA  4/9/17

    • Ordered 10,000 large mealys and then another 10,000 small mealys. I live in PA and they all were alive. So I have placed another order for 20,000 large mealys, the wild birds will have a good meal for the young ones. So happy I found your site. Your prices are very reasonable!!


  • Brad H., WI  4/6/17

    • Excellent service the meal worms came in perfect only issue was the lids i ordered but they fixed that immediately. I will certainly be ordering more from them in the future


  • Traci P., VA  3/30/17

    • First time I have ever ordered and I will definitely be interested in ordering again.


  • Brett M., KY  3/30/17

    • 1000 mealworms and 1000 superworms. Absolute monsters, thank you so much


  • Jordan R., GA  3/24/17

    • Rainbow mealworms is the best place to get feeders! ALL of my feeders I've bought from them have arrived alive, and the shipping and delivery was very fast! (And I got the cheapest shipping available) They arrived 2 days after I ordered them! The only minor issue I had was I ordered hornworms and the description said 12-15 in a cup, I only received 8, all alive. BUT rainbow mealworms made up for it with their excellent customer service. They took care of the issue, and I'm a very satisfied customer. Just placed another order for my Leopard gecko and two beardies!


  • Eris W., CA  3/23/17

    • My mealworms arrived promptly. They all appeared healthy, only about 5 dead ones in an order of 2000! (much better ratio than what I've bought at the local pet store) They are all happily munching away in their new home.


  • Kelly S., ND  3/22/17

    • I am happy with my roaches and superworms, My roaches have already had babies. All are healthy.


  • Adan P., MI  3/21/17

    • First time customer, things didn't go well. Ordered 100 large dubia(inch) roaches. Received 100 medium(under inch). Called right away. Another order was shipped, still medium. Apology and partial refund issued. All within a week. Outstanding customer service and received on time. Thank you


  • Kira T., CA  3/12/17

    • Just received another order from Rainbow. All of my bugs made the trip, no casualties. And received the order in 2 days.
      I've been ordering from Rainbow for months now and have recommended them to more people than I can count.
      Out of all of my orders I only had one issue and it wasn't a big deal. I was shorted a few adult dubia. They promptly answered my e-mail and I received a whole new order for free and in within a couple of days. So, I consider that wonderful customer service. 
      I will definitely continue to order from them and recommend them. 
      Thank you Rainbow!

      -Kira, Happy customer in CA


  • Skylir J., NJ  3/10/17

    • Ordered 1000 mealworms and 500 2wk crickets. I didn't have my crickets held at the post office, and just added a heat pack. The worms and crickets all made the trip from California to South Jersey with zero issues. Very few casualties! They all are active and happily eating and preparing to be lizard food. This was my first time using rainbow mealworms, I used to use a different company, but after this I am happily switching all my insect orders over to rainbow. :) great feeders, great prices. 


  • Dorothy S., AK  3/2/17

    • I love ordering from this website, prices are great and shipping isn't very expensive! I love the live guarantee!, my bearded dragon loves the Horned worms and the wax worms!! Thank you!!


  • Erin S., FL  2/28/17

    • I have just received my second order from here and am beyond pleased. I order the bearded dragon sampler pack. I love the fact I can offer my dragons a variety and not have to spend a fortune to do it. I only wish there were something else to send in place of dubia roaches for Florida buyers. I do recommend rainbow mealworms to anyone that asks where to get feeders. I will continue being a loyal customers. Thank you E.S.


  • James W., OH  2/27/17

    • Another great order came in today! Sometimes it surprises me just how fast I get my orders!


  • Andrew F., MI  2/23/17

    • I found Rainbow mealworms on Amazon and I decided to check out their website. I'm glad I did because I have been a customer ever since. Great prices, and such a HUGE selection. Shipping is quick and all my orders have been delivered alive and well! Thanks


  • Shannon D., GA  2/3/17

    • Just made my second order and I'm very excited. I have one bearded dragon, one leopard gecko, and a new crested gecko. My first order was amazing!!!!! I can't wait for this order to come in. Thank you Rainbow Mealworms. I will continue to recommend y'all ❤


  • Anthony F., OK  2/2/17

    • Hello, I would like to thank you for my order of horn worms they've all made it and there's even extra. This was my first time getting horn worms for my bearded dragons and it wont be the last I look forward to ordering from Rainbow Mealworms again. Thank you.


  • Carol B., VT  1/28/17

    • Just received my second from Rainbow mealworms! They came all the way to Vermont! Another great experience. Customer service on my first order was prompt and amazing. This order came without issue. All my hornworms and mealworms were alive. Not a single dead one. My leopard gecko is sure to love his dinner of hornworms tonight. Will definitely order again!


  • Macy C., FL  1/26/17

    • Hands down the best customer service I've ever received.


  • Aiden H., CA  1/25/17

    • I've ordered so many times. Really liked every single time, received the package always in a timely manner. I really appreciate rainbowmealworms. 120% satisfaction, 5 thumbs up!


  • Jennifer B., PA  1/17/17

    • Thank you so much for how quickly my order of superworms arrived and they all are alive! Coming all the way to Pennsylvania I really thought some wouldn't of made it. But they did! You have a happy customer and a happy duck! (That's what the worms are being fed to) lucky is a 9 year old mallard duck with lymphocytic leukemia. All he will eat for us is superworms. And they are so expensive at the pet store. I'm so glad I found your website! I will definitely buy from you again!
      Thank you!



  • Lyn L., CO 1/17/17

    • Got my first order of Super worms and I was not disappointed. I used the live guarantee hold at my post office due to cold weather and it all was perfect. I'm ordering more stuff today so that I can get my baby some variety. Gojira thanks you for all the noms he thinks they are crack to be honest lol.




  • Heather, OH  10/30/16

    • I ordered 5 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches on the 27th of October. they can in 2 days later, all were alive and active, i requested 3 females and 2 males and that is what i got. plus they gave me a bonus 1 extra male so i ended up getting 3 of each. Rainbow Mealworms is a wonderful website, i would definitely purchase from them again. the only thing is there shipping is kinda high, but i guess that's cause they are shipping live animals.

      • Note from admin:  Your shipping was $6.95 which I'm afraid is standard for USPS Priority Mail.  We do our best to find the fastest and least expensive shipping for you Heather and will continue to try to negotiate the best rates for you.  Thank you so much for your very sweet review! 



  • Lilly, WA 9/28/16

    • Received them and once again before expected date and great quality included is a pic of my baby enjoying:

Displaying 20160928_112455.jpg



  • Oliver, FL  9/14/16

    • Just got my mealworms; 250 from the post office and my Giant Leopard Gecko Django loves them!






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