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6000 Superworms

  • Golden Superworms
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Product Description

6000 Superworms AKA Kingworms

Zophobas morio


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Superworms are 1.75 to 2" in length and ¼ inch in diameter! 

Reptiles, birds, fish, and even chickens just love them.

They are very lively and fast moving.  They have a long shelf life and are easily digestible. 

They don't need refrigeration (it will actually harm them).  Keep them at warm room temperatures (75° to 85°).  

For storing larger numbers of Superworms, add a few slices of potato for their water source to keep them alive.  They will also need a grain such as wheat bran as their food.

The worms will not pupate as long as you keep them with many other larvae.  If they receive constant bodily contact, they stay in the larvae stage.