• Isopod Diet

    Repashy Morning Wood - Isopod

    Repashy Morning Wood (3 oz Jar) Isopod Diet   This replacement gel is for detrivores.  It is calcium fortified, extremely firm, and long lasting. Can be fed to isopods, springtails, and...

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  • Repashy Superhorn

    Repashy SuperHorn

    Repashy SuperHorn   A vitamin and calcium fortified gel-premix for Hornworms (Manduca sexta). This formulation is perfect for maximizing the nutritional value of your hornworms and is 100%...

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  • Repashy Meat Pie

    Repashy Meat Pie

    Repashy Meat Pie (3 oz Jar) Carnivore Gel Premix   This replacement gel is for carnivorous species is great for monitors, tegus, newts, salamanders, horned frogs and even carnivorous insects...

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  • Repashy Superfly

    Repashy Superfly 6 oz

    Repashy Superfly (6 oz Jar) Fly Culture Media    Instant formula for fruit fly cultures. This premium mixture is fortified with minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and carotenoids in...

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  • Repashy's SuperLoad Insect Gutload Formula

    Repashy Superload

    Repashy SuperLoad (6 oz Jar)  Insect Gutload Formula   This super concentrated gut-loading formula increases the nutritional value of feeder insects. Contains high levels of calcium and...

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  • Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger List of ingredients

    Repashy Bug Burger

    Repashy Bug Burger   Repashy Bug Burger is a gel premix formulation that is 13% protein and is a complete diet for crickets, roaches, and other insects. This special gel formula acts as not...

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