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Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

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Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Gromphadorhina spp.

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These wonderful creatures are only found in the lowland tropical forests on the island of Madagascar.  

Unlike pest roaches, they don't have wings.  Males are protective of their territory and will sit guarding a rock for months leaving to get food and water quickly before returning to prevent other males from sitting on the claimed rock!  

They softly 'hiss' when you hold and pet them, some people liken it to a cat purring.  

They make great food for most lizards; monitors especially love them.  


You may need a permit to keep roaches as pets in certain states, please check your local laws. 




How can I tell if my roach is male or female?  Isn't it the horns on their head?

While the 'horns' on the head are a distinctive feature in male hissing roaches, not all males have large horns and some females have smaller protuberances; it's not a fail proof method!  A better way to tell is that male roaches have 3 distinct segments on the underside while a female has one large fused segment.  This photo demonstrates the difference:




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