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Mealworm Castings (5 pound bag)

  • Mealworm castings are dry, odorless, and look like sand.  Unlike earthworm castings, these contain no soil and are 100% castings.
  • Larger fruit in generous amounts
  • Lush green foliage with the added bonus of natural pest resistance
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Castings are mealworm 'poop' 

Buy Mealworm Castings Direct From the Farm

You'll be amazed at how green and lush your lawn is and how big your vegetables will be!

We are the largest mealworm farm in America - we've been in Compton since 1956.  Our worms are fed human quality bran, carrots, and cactus.  

The castings (worm poop!) are a dry and odorless soil amendment we sell to local gardeners.  You can sprinkle it onto plants or mix it with water for a tea.



Add 1 cup of castings to every gallon of potting soil

1 pound to every 20 square feet of topsoil

To use during watering, mix 1 cup per gallon of water 



Nutrient Rich - Odor FREE!
Can Be Applied by Spreader
Same Worm Castings Highly Sought After By Golf Courses, Nurseries, Vineyards...
Does NOT Burn Plant Roots
Use For Indoor and Outdoor Plants
Helps Retain Moisture
Helps in Reducing Plant Diseases
Brew Worm Tea
These Are Screened Worm Castings