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  • Vinegaroons are very docile
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Vinegaroons (Whip Scorpions)

Mastigoproctus giganteus

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Vinegaroons are not poisonous and do not have a stinger, but they are capable of releasing acid from their tail that smells like vinegar (how they get their name!).  The substance can cause mild chemical burns on some people.  They usually do not secrete this substance unless they are provoked and are typically extremely docile.

Their lifespan is 4-7 years for both males and females, but when kept in captivity they can live longer. 

Keep them single (do not house together), young specimens can be kept in a Kritter Keeper or a 2 to 5 gallon aquarium with adequate ventilation.  Their bedding can consist of coco fiber or peat with some mulch or peat moss added in to lend humidity.  They like to burrow so make sure their substrate is nice and deep.


Keep them between 75 and 80°F during the day, you can use a small heat pad or light to help keep your temperatures warm enough.  Keep them at 45 to 55% humidity.


Feed them small crickets, mealworms, Blue Bottle flies, redworms, Dubia and waxworms 3 to 4 times a week. Offer fresh water from a shallow dish.  They are nocturnal so feeding in the evening is preferable.


Vinegaroons cannot be shipped to Hawaii without a permit.

They are legal to ship to Canada and all 50 US states.