Why is USPS disabled at holidays?

Why is USPS disabled at holidays?

Posted by Gillian Spence on Sep 1st 2016

At the airport priority is given to guaranteed methods of shipping (FedEx 2nd & Next Day) while USPS will be given last priority. During the holiday and right after, the airport will be full of parcels to ship.   USPS shipments can take 7 to 10 days to arrive as they are set aside (usually in another room or even just outside on the tarmac) until the guaranteed shipments are cleared out.

We don't want your feeders to be put aside and so we disable USPS to limit the time your package will be en route to you.

USPS will be visible again after the holiday.  

It is so important to us that your feeders reach you in a timely manner safe, alive, and healthy ready for you to feed your loved animals.  We appreciate your kind understanding and patience.