Returns Policy

Returns Policy

Perishable items cannot be returned by mail or to Rainbow Mealworms for the health of our facility and customers.  If you receive a damaged or defective perishable item, please refer to the guarantee policy below.


Guaranteed Live Delivery: 

We offer 100% live delivery guarantee policy when either:

1. Your temperatures are between 55° and 85° on the day of delivery to your home or

2.  If you have your package held for pickup when your temperatures are below 55° and above 85°.  

Just take a photo within 24 hours of delivery and text it to (480) 409-2347 or email it to  

Please let us know:

            • Order number for the item
            • Date of arrival
            • Condition of item at time of arrival
            • Detailed explanation of the issue
            • Whether you prefer a refund or replacement



Purchases Not Guaranteed:

If your temps are below 55° or above 85° and you hadn't elected to have your package held for pickup; we will replace the item and ask that the customer pay for shipping costs the first occurrence only.  No credit or replacement will be honored on subsequent occurrences.

If your shipment is delivered more than a day late by the FedEx, we will issue store credit for the difference in shipping costs between your chosen method and the actual delivery time.

We do not guarantee shipments sent to a forwarding service (e.g. Express Parcel Service). By entering one of these locations as your shipping address you agree to assume all the risk if your package is lost, destroyed, confiscated, or returned to us.  We will not guarantee, refund, or credit you under any circumstances.

No refund or store credit will be issued for ship costs if your package is delayed by a FedEx or UPS National Service Disruption. These are due to extreme weather conditions such as storms that delay or prohibit flights.


For All Orders:

Please allow your order 3 hours at warm room temperature to recover from the shock of temperature changes in shipping before reporting it as DOA.

Claims must be made within 24 hours of the package being marked "delivered" by the carrier, claims made after 24 hours will not be honored.

We will offer one replacement order according to the terms above, if the replacement item arrives DOA we will offer store credit for the cost of the product only.

We will offer NO refund or replacement for refused packages under any circumstances.

We monitor for abuse of our liberal replacement policy, any abuse will result in your account closure and ban from our store.  We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order for any reason including avoiding fraud and/or account abuse.