Request Hold for Pickup


(and get the live delivery guarantee when your daily high is below 55° or above 85°)


  • Just check the box on the product page!

  • We will send you an email with your tracking number and address of your local post office on the afternoon we ship




USPS Priority

Your order will be sent to your local Post Office for pickup.  Please check your tracking link to see when your package has arrived.

To find your Post Office, enter your zip code and choose "Post Offices" in Location Types on this page:  Find Locations


1 and 2 Business Days

If you do not specify, we will find the nearest FedEx hub to you.  

If you have a preference in shipping options or locations you can specify it by finding your nearest hub using the following:


1.  Find your nearest FedEx Location 

    • Use the two filters under Additional Services "Hold Package at Location for Pickup" and "Ship Dangerous Goods"

2.  Use the address as your "Shipping Address" and put the words "Hold at FedEx Location" in one of the address fields to alert us


You'll need to watch your tracking number to see when your package arrives, as they may not call you the same day.