Insect Food

  • Komodo Jelly Pots side view Komodo Jelly Pots

    Komodo Jelly Pots

    These jelly pots are an easy and mess-free way to feed your crickets, beetles, roaches, and other invertebrates. Simply drop one of these perfectly portioned treats into your terrarium, and watch them devour the all-natural jelly inside. With no added...

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  • Cuttlefish bone aka Cuttlebone


    WARNING: THESE ARE NOT FOOD FOR PEOPLE OR VERTEBRATE ANIMALS  One small cuttlebone   (2 to 3")  Our cuttlebones have been desalinated and polished by hand. They are safe and reliable for your invertebrate animals to eat. ...

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  • Calcium Clay Bearing Powder

    Calcium Bearing Clay Powder (1 LB)

    1 Pound Bran Calcium Bearing Clay Powder The same clay we raise our springtails on Mix clay powder with 1 part water to 2 parts clay by weight (should resemble pudding)  1 pound of clay makes roughly five springtail cultures when you use 3 ounces...

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  • 32 oz cups with food and vented lid

    Hornworm Cup with Food Only

    Hornworm Cup with Screen and Food Only There are no hornworms in these cups!   Extra cup with hornworm food, screen, and vented lid to grow your worms larger. A 32 oz habitat with food to last one week.  Care and Storage Keep refrigerated...

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  • Isopod Diet

    Repashy Morning Wood - Isopod

    Repashy Morning Wood (3 oz Jar) Isopod Diet   This replacement gel is for detrivores.  It is calcium fortified, extremely firm, and long lasting. Can be fed to isopods, springtails, and other insects that feed on detritus...

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  • Golden Bee Pollen granules

    Bee Pollen Granules

    Bee Pollen Granules 4 oz size cup - Weighing 3 ounces Bee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in nature in a single food.   100% natural, unprocessed, and with no additives Phyto-nutrients are densely concentrated and used by many...

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  • Zoo Med Creatures  Food Jelly Cup

    Zoo Med Creatures Food Jelly Cup

    Zoo Med Creature Food Jelly Cup   Variety pack of three unique flavors that insects love. Flavors include banana, brown sugar, and nectar. Simply peel the lid and place the cup in your pet’s habitat.  Ideal food for pet beetles,...

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  • Repashy Superhorn

    Repashy SuperHorn

    Repashy SuperHorn   A vitamin and calcium fortified gel-premix for Hornworms (Manduca sexta). This formulation is perfect for maximizing the nutritional value of your hornworms and is 100% antibiotic free. 3 ounces of powder makes 1.25 pounds of...

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  • Repashy Meat Pie

    Repashy Meat Pie

    Repashy Meat Pie (3 oz Jar) Carnivore Gel Premix   This replacement gel is for carnivorous species is great for monitors, tegus, newts, salamanders, horned frogs and even carnivorous insects such as Dermestid (Cleaner Crew)...

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  • 5 pounds of wheat bran in a bag 5 pounds of wheat bran in a bag

    5 Pounds Bran /Arrives in 5 Business Days

    5 Pounds Bran /Arrives in 5 Business Days Includes Ground shipping in the Lower United States only (not to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico) YOUR BRAN WILL ARRIVE WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS   The same bran we use for feeding our Rainbow Mealworms,...

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  • Repashy Superfly

    Repashy Superfly 6 oz

    Repashy Superfly (6 oz Jar) Fly Culture Media    Instant formula for fruit fly cultures. This premium mixture is fortified with minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and carotenoids in order to maximize the nutritional value of fruit flies as...

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  • Our yellow hornworm chow turns you worms a beautiful teal color

    Hornworm Food - 1 lb

    Yellow Hornworm Chow Food for hornworms - turns them a beautiful teal color Makes 4 lbs of cooked chow   How To Cook Classic Bagged Hornworm Chow   Boil 3 cups of water on the stovetop for every 1/2 pound chow Microwave for 1.5 to 2...

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  • Repashy's SuperLoad Insect Gutload Formula

    Repashy Superload

    Repashy SuperLoad (6 oz Jar)  Insect Gutload Formula   This super concentrated gut-loading formula increases the nutritional value of feeder insects. Contains high levels of calcium and other minerals as well as essential trace elements,...

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  • Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger List of ingredients

    Repashy Bug Burger

    Repashy Bug Burger   Repashy Bug Burger is a gel premix formulation that is 13% protein and is a complete diet for crickets, roaches, and other insects. This special gel formula acts as not only a food but a water source to your insects.  No...

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  • Our yellow hornworm chow turns you worms a beautiful teal color

    Classic Hornworm Food - 2 oz cup

    Yellow Hornworm Chow Food for hornworms - turns them a beautiful teal color Makes 1/2 lb of cooked chow   How To Cook Hornworm Chow Boil 1 cup of water on the stovetop  Once at a rolling boil add dry food while mixing with a fork...

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  • Water crystals rehydrated The crystals have expanded into lots of clear gel

    Cricket and Roach Water Crystals

    Cricket Water Bites or Crystals (roaches love them too!) 2 oz water crystals ship free when added on to your order For use in all feeder insects including Dubia roaches, Madagascar roaches, mealworms and waxworms.  Not needed if feeding an...

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  • Wheat bran for worm bedding

    1 Pound Bran / Bedding

    1 Pound Bran / Bedding The same bran we use for feeding our Rainbow Mealworms, Giants and Superworms. We buy our bran from a mill used by bakeries, cereal companies, and for commercial baked goods.  We pay more to have our grain not only finely...

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  • Fortified wheat and corn for the best cricket nutrition

    Rainbow Cricket Feed

    Cricket Food Net weight 16 oz  Rainbow Mealworm's special blend of mixed grain nutrients.   We have our cricket meal formulated by a mill that supplies human bakeries because we only use human grade products.  This is the same grain we...

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  • 4 ounces of our mulberry chow in powdered form Silkworms must be fed this chow from hatching, they will readily eat it if they have never tasted true leaves

    4 oz Silkworm Chow

    Silkworm Chow Food for silkworms - replaces mulberry leaves 4 ounce cup of dry chow     How To Cook Chow Add 1 part chow to 2 parts of hot tap water  Mix thoroughly with a clean fork for 3-5 minutes  Pour into a container...

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