• Historically prized for their silk cocoons and now for the excellent nutrition they bring to your animals

    Silkworms - 15ct (IN-STORE PICKUP)

    Silkworms Bombyx mori SILKWORMS ARE FOR PICKUP IN OUR COMPTON STORE ONLY They will not be shipped    15 silkworms in a pod.   Sold at a little over 3/4" long and will grow to 3" long.   Silkworms have a short life...

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  • 4 ounces of our mulberry chow in powdered form Silkworms must be fed this chow from hatching, they will readily eat it if they have never tasted true leaves

    4 oz Silkworm Chow

    Silkworm Chow Food for silkworms - replaces mulberry leaves 4 ounce cup of dry chow     How To Cook Chow Add 1 part chow to 2 parts of hot tap water  Mix thoroughly with a clean fork for 3-5 minutes  Pour into a container...

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