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Silkworms - 15ct (IN-STORE PICKUP)

  • Historically prized for their silk cocoons and now for the excellent nutrition they bring to your animals
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Bombyx mori


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15 silkworms in a pod.   Sold at a little over 3/4" long and will grow to 3" long.  

Silkworms have a short life cycle, only 18 to 30 days from hatching to cocoon!

Many feel that silkworms are the most nutritional insect you can feed your pet.  They have low fat, high protein and calcium.  Gecko breeders tell us they have the best hatches when feeding a combination of silkworms & hornworms to potentially gravid females.

Care and Storage

If you will not use your worms within several days, they will live much longer if you place them in an open tub or box with fresh mulberry leaves.  These can be found in most parks and neighborhoods, but they lose their leaves during the winter.  The pod is prone to mold growth due to the closed conditions, and they will fare much better in an open container.

If you'd like your worms to grow larger, keep them at 78° to 85°; if you want to slow their growth they can be removed from their food for several days.  Clean all containers and your hands with 70% isopropyl alcohol before transferring the worms.

Shake out the dark little 'kernels', these are the droppings and will build up quickly


How to make Hornworm Chow if added on:


    1. Add 1 part chow to 2 parts of hot tap water 

    2. Mix thoroughly with a clean fork.

    3. Pour into a container covering with plastic wrap to hold in moisture and microwave 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on your wattage)

    4. Press plastic wrap onto surface of chow to seal it and protect it from contaminates.

    5. Place into refrigerator to harden and store

    6. After it has hardened (to cream cheese consistency) you can cut it up and feed it to your silkworms