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4 oz Silkworm Chow

  • 4 ounces of our mulberry chow in powdered form
  • Silkworms must be fed this chow from hatching, they will readily eat it if they have never tasted true leaves

Product Description

Silkworm Chow

Food for silkworms - replaces mulberry leaves

4 ounce cup of dry chow



How To Cook Chow

    1. Add 1 part chow to 2 parts of hot tap water 
    2. Mix thoroughly with a clean fork for 3-5 minutes 
    3. Pour into a container covering with plastic wrap to hold in moisture and microwave until boils (for smaller amounts 30 seconds will be sufficient)
    4. Press plastic wrap onto surface of chow to seal it and protect it from contaminates.
    5. Place into refrigerator to harden and store
    6. After it has hardened to cream cheese consistency you can cut it up and feed it to your silkworms