How To Redeem Points for Rewards

Here is the point redemption value:

163 points = $5.00 off
285 points = $10.00 off
410 points = $20.00 off
819 points = $40.00 off

The rewards program can be found at the bottom left of our website, and may not be visible from a mobile device depending on your browser. If it isn't visible, you can request the "Standard View"

To redeem points for coupons after you click on the "Rewards" box there is a link that reads "Redeem points". Click that and it will show coupons that you can redeem.

Rewards Program

You earn 1 point for every dollar spent on products (not shipping costs)

You can also earn points in the app by adding the following using the links provided:

  • 50 points on your birthday
  • 50 points for sharing on Facebook
  • 50 points for sharing on Twitter
  • 50 points for liking on Facebook
  • 50 points for following on Instagram
  • 100 points for reviewing a product (limit of once per month)