Accessories for your crickets and worms.  We have heat packs, cups, feed, email us if you want specific quantities and we'll be happy to help!

  • Top flips up for easy feeding/care 7 oz Square Cup with Flip Lid

    7oz Square Container with Flip Lid

    7 oz Square Container with Flip Lid 3.5″ x 1.75″ Vented Square cup 7 oz Ventilation holes are molded into the side of the cup so there are no sharp edges. The holes are small enough to keep out flies. The flip lid makes for easy...

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  • Placon Vented Lid (used on hornworm cups)

    Placon Vented Lid

    Placon Vented Lid   These are the lids we use on our hornworm cups. Perfect for keeping small invertebrates that need ventilation but will not allow the tiniest insects to pass (e.g. ants, melanogaster fruit flies, etc.   The 400...

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  • A bamboo handled mealworm sifter

    4" Mealworm Sifter

    4" Mealworm Sifter 4" Round Diameter - 12.5" Long   Can be used for mealworms, Giants, and Superworms to lift from bran bedding easily 4" diameter concave bowl allows for easy removal of worms from bran Galvanized steel wires Exceptionally...

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  • Divide your order into multiple bags, image shows two separate bags

    Divide Order Per Bag

    DIVIDE BAG FEE   To divide your order into smaller bags, choose this item and let us know in the instructions field how you would like them packed.   Example 1: To divide an order of 20,000 large mealworms into 10 bags of 2000, you...

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  • Load the gallery full of feeders, and watch your Chameleons enjoy the hunt! The medium and large side-by-side

    Shooting Gallery Chameleon Feeder

    Shooting Gallery Chameleon Feeder Manufactured by TK Chameleons   The Shooting Gallery is an attractive low profile no-escape type feeder for screen cages that lets you watch the feeding as it happens. Feeders are notorious for escaping through...

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  • Sticky Tongue Farms Vit-All Can

    Sticky Tongue Farms Vit All

    Sticky Tongue Vit All 4 oz can   Vitamin Gut Load If you are using Miner-All, complete your pet’s dietary requirements by vitamin gut-loading your feeders with Sticky Tongue Farms Vit-All. Gut-loading all insects and prey items is the...

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  • 4.5" Aluminum Mesh Vented Lids

    Screen Metal Mesh Lid

    Screen Mesh Lid to fit 32 oz cup   Measuring 4.5" wide, these lids are perfect for keeping small invertebrates that need ventilation.   Crickets, roaches, mantis, and smaller spiders do very well in these.  Cup and lid are washable for...

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  • 6" Feeding Tongs
Yellow plastic with rounded tips

    ZooMed 6" Feeding Tongs

    ZooMed 6" Feeding Tongs    Feeder tongs are ideal for hand feeding reptiles, birds, small animals or aquarium fish (i.e. marine triggerfish, marine invertebrates, large cichlids, aquatic turtles, baby birds, etc.)   Made of...

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  • Zoo Med - Wipe Out 1

    Zoo Med - Wipe Out 1

    Zoo Med Wipe Out 1 Terrarium Cleaner and Disinfectant    Wipe Out 1 is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing terrariums and other animal enclosures. Wipe Out 1 kills Salmonella choleraesis and P. aeruginosa, and can...

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  • Rep Cal Cricket Shaker
Yellow and clear plastic to shake crickets out of clear tube
Compartment to shake powder onto insects before feeding

    Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker

    Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker Easily coat insects with vitamins and minerals    This is an excellent tool for dusting insects before feeding your animals.  It's designed to allow you to easily slide out the cricket tube (they will run up into...

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  • Our sifter is 8" long with a notch at the end, this not only lets you rest the sifter on a glass or bowl, but also provides a place to hang your sifter when not in use so the bowl is protected. Nice 1" deep bowl holds lots of media at one time

    Rice Flour Beetle Sifter

    Rice Flour Beetle Sifter   3" Round Diameter - 8" Long   Single layer of fine stainless steel mesh - will not rust Exceptionally strong quality metal - resistant to bending or becoming deformed 3" diameter deep bowl will sift a greater...

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  • Repti Calcium WITHOUT D3 Zoo Med ReptiCalcium

    Zoo Med ReptiCalcium

    Zoo Med Repti Calcium® - 3oz Ultrafine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement     Repti Calcium® is an ultra-fine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement. It is a phosphorus-free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians...

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  • Zoo Med ReptiSafe

    Zoo Med ReptiSafe Water Conditioner

    Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner     ReptiSafe® is the first instant terrarium water conditioner.  Great for spray bottles when misting, water bowls, drip water systems, amphibian enclosures, and aquatic...

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  • Golden Bee Pollen granules

    Bee Pollen Granules

    Bee Pollen Granules 4 oz size cup - Weighing 3 ounces Bee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in nature in a single food.   100% natural, unprocessed, and with no additives Phyto-nutrients are densely concentrated and used by many...

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  • HatchRite is breeder designed, tested, and approved

    HatchRite Incubation Bedding

    HatchRite Incubation Substrate   Breeder Designed and Breeder Tested HatchRite is formulated to give your eggs a better hatch rate with less maintenance.  HatchRite has been tested thoroughly on leopard gecko, crested gecko, ball python,...

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  • Activated 72 Hour Heat Pack UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack Chart: Temperature over time

    Activated 72 Hour Heat Pack

    Activated Heat Pack Added to Ship Box These will be activated at shipping and provide 72 hours of warmth Have a heat pack added to your box that will stay warm for 72 hours.   Only 1 pack is needed for most orders. Disposable, biodegradable and...

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  • 6" Cricket Basket

    6" Cricket Basket

    6-inch Cricket Basket   Our cricket basket is 6" in diameter and keeps large crickets fresh with lots of aeration through the screened sides made with wire hard cloth. Makes a great spot to store large crickets - up to 150 - until feeding or to...

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  • Cricket Funnel Scoop Cricket Funnel Scoop

    Cricket Funnel Scoop

    Cricket Measuring Scoop / Funnel   Our cricket scoop is great for measuring crickets, it will hold up to 100 large crickets and has gradations on the side so you can easily measure 25, 50, 75 or 100 large crickets. For just feeding your reptiles...

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  • "No Escapee" Feeder Dishes A leopard gecko eating mealworms from a dish

    "No Escapee" Feeder Dishes

    "No Escapee" Feeder Dishes   These lightweight, low cost feeder dishes minimize escapees when feeding live insects.  They are disposable and recyclable.   They're also great for offering water or crystals to feeder insects and spill...

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  • Cup is 4.5" by 5.75"

    32 oz Clear Plastic Cup with Metal Screen Lid

    32 oz. Clear Plastic Cup with Screen Top Lid   Measuring 4.5" by 5.75", these cups are perfect for keeping small invertebrates that need ventilation.   Crickets, roaches, mantis, and tarantulas do very well in these.  Cup and lid are...

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  • Cup and lid with bran and mealworms inside Plain white cup and lid

    Plain White Cup & Lid

    White Polypropylene Cup & Lid Our plastic tubs are durable, made from thick polypropylene.  The bright white color will enhance your logo when you apply your own sticker.  The lids come with tiny holes around the edges allowing air...

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  • Water crystals rehydrated The crystals have expanded into lots of clear gel

    Cricket and Roach Water Crystals

    Cricket Water Bites or Crystals (roaches love them too!) 2 oz water crystals ship free when added on to your order For use in all feeder insects including Dubia roaches, Madagascar roaches, mealworms and waxworms.  Not needed if feeding an...

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  • Muslin is soft and breathable so items you transport won't become moist Muslin is soft and breathable so items you transport won't become moist

    Worm Bags

    // Mealworm Bags   You can purchase our mesh or muslin bags for transporting or shipping your reptiles in. The muslin bags are hand-made from only the finest cotton; the mesh bags are custom sewn for us as well. Muslin is a loosely...

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  • Water feeders for large numbers of crickets.

    Water Feeder & Spare Parts

    Cricket Water Feeders Whole feeder includes quart plastic jar, plastic base, and 3/8" rubber ring.   (spare parts are in the drop down menu) A plastic ring can be substituted at your request We also have replacement parts for...

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  • UniHeat 72 Hour Heat Pack UniHeat Temperature Over Time Graph

    Unactivated 72 Hour Heat Packs

    Unactivated 72 Hour Heat Packs These will not be activated at shipping! Purchase the heat packs used in our shipments for your own use Disposable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Contents - Iron Powder, water,  activated carbon,...

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  • 12 x 12" brand new egg flats

    Egg Flats with Shipping Included

    12" x 12" Unused Egg Flats 30, 40, and 50 Count Include Shipping in the continental United States only (we do not ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada)   Shipping may take up to 5 business days   Brand new and made in the USA from...

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