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Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker

  • Rep Cal Cricket Shaker
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Product Description

Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker

Easily coat insects with vitamins and minerals


 This is an excellent tool for dusting insects before feeding your animals.  It's designed to allow you to easily slide out the cricket tube (they will run up into it to hide) to shake crickets into your enclosure.  Keeps your hands and furniture clean.



  1. Simply remove the bottom and add your chosen powder.  Screw it on, and then add crickets to the chamber. 
  2. Slide the cover over the opening in the top, and shake to coat your insects in dust. 
  3. Wait one minute to allow excess dust to fall off, then insert the 'bug pipe"



Key Features:

        • Bug catching pipe lets you easily remove crickets for feeding

        • An amazing time saver!

        • Prevents wasted powder; any remaining can be re-used

        • Slick walls prevent escape of insects




Q.  How soon before I can use the water after adding the conditioner?

A.  ReptiSafe works instantly to remove harmful chemicals, there is no need to wait


Q.  Can I remove the grate?

A.  Yes!  You can easily pop it out to make it easier to get more powder on your feeders if you prefer.


Q.  Can I wash the shaker?

A.  Yes!  Use a mild detergent, rinse well, and allow to fully dry before assembling