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Rice Flour Beetle Sifter

  • Our sifter is 8" long with a notch at the end, this not only lets you rest the sifter on a glass or bowl, but also provides a place to hang your sifter when not in use so the bowl is protected.
  • Nice 1" deep bowl holds lots of media at one time
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Easily sift out tiny larvae and rest on the side of a bowl or glass when needed
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Product Description

Rice Flour Beetle Sifter


3" Round Diameter - 8" Long


Single layer of fine stainless steel mesh - will not rust

Exceptionally strong quality metal - resistant to bending or becoming deformed

3" diameter deep bowl will sift a greater amount of media at one time

It is very easy to clean, just rinse and let air dry

Fits perfectly on top of most cups/glasses for shaking flour into for re-use