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2 Week (1/4" ) Crickets

  • 2 week crickets are 1/4" long
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2 Week Old (1/4") Crickets

Gryllodes sigillatus

 If your temps are below 45 or above 85° the "hold for pickup" option must be used for live guarantee





Buy crickets as a source of protein for amphibians, arthropods, and reptiles. In order to be kept healthy for your pet, house your crickets in a container kept between 80° and 90°, a reptile heater works well for this.  If you're housing them more than a day offer them cricket food such as chicken mash or cornmeal.  A water bowl with a damp sponge, or preferably water crystals as it gives them source of water that they won't drown in. 

For the ultimate diet, Repashy Bug Burger provides both a food and water source.  This special gel formula acts as not only a food but a water source to your insects.  No damp moldy sponges or drying water crystals!  Watch your insects run to it to eat.



Q.  Are your crickets vitamin enhanced?

A. We have had this on the drawing board a couple of times and every time when we weigh the pros and cons the proposal is scrapped.  Reptiles and birds can suffer from hyper-vitaminosis especially from vitamin A.  We worry that if we are adding vitamins to our insects, and the customer adds vitamins that the cumulative amount could potentially be detrimental to your animal's health.  Instead we feed our crickets grains and carrots that are naturally rich in vitamins.  We stand by our long-time company mission to be an all-natural farm and leaving the choice of adding artificial addition of vitamins and minerals up to the customer at home.


Q.  When will my crickets ship?

 A. We ship crickets Monday through Wednesday unless your crickets will reach you the next day (e.g. shipped overnight on a Thursday or locally on a Friday).


 Q. What breed cricket do you sell?

 A. Our crickets are the Banded (Gryllodes sigillatus) which are extremely hardy.  We switched to this breed in 2013 due to their hardiness, tolerance of high temperatures in the summer, longer life span, and quieter chirp.  We also carry the black (Gryllus bimaculatis) for sale and shipping only within the state of California.  Please contact us to special order them.


Q. What is the best temperature for crickets?

 A. The younger the cricket the warmer they need to be.  Pinheads are best at 90° while large sized adults can be housed at 75°.  For most crickets right around 80° will suffice.