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Praying Mantis

  • Chinese Mantis at full growth

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Product Description

Baby Praying Mantis

Tenodera sinesis

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We will ship you 5 baby Chinese Mantis.  They will grow to a 11 cm and become either brown or green in adulthood.  This variety is known for it's comfort with human keepers and will often become tame enough to hold.  You can easily bribe them with honey on a toothpick!  




Where should I keep them?

Your praying mantis should be kept in a mesh enclosure in which they cannot escape.  They can be kept individually in a tall plastic cup.  Because they are still small babies, they can and will try to escape through even the smallest of holes.  Your mantis should be kept at warm temperatures, at least 70 degrees (although 80 degrees is ideal). 

What should I feed them?

If you are keeping your praying mantis as pets, you will need to give them food as soon as they arrive.  Without food, in time they may begin to eat one another.  Flightless fruit flies, available on our website, are an excellent choice to feed your young mantis.  When they grow older, they can eat all sorts of different foods.  Anything from worms to crickets, to even flies and cockroaches!  Also, daily misting of the interior of their enclosure is needed for adequate hydration.  For flies, you can buy our spikes and let them pupate into a bluebottle fly which they love!

 Can I hold them?

Yes!  This species is known for their comfort with human handlers.  In time, your mantis may come to trust you enough to allow you to hold it.  To speed up the trust-earning process, a toothpick with honey may be offered to the mantis to coax it into your hand.  Your mantis will associate you with being fed treats!

How big will they grow?

In time, with proper feeding and misting, your mantises will grow to about 11cm long and turn their adult color of either brown or green.