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Buffalo Beetles

  • Buffalo Beetles are tiny and cute!
  • Close up of beetle which is only 1/4" long

Product Description

Cleaner Crew - Buffalo Beetles

Alphitobius diaperinus

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Use science to keep your feeder bins healthy

Buffalo beetles (also known as lesser mealworms) are a natural way to keep your insect colonies clean; they will eat any decaying organic material.  They help fight mold, fungi, mites, flies and keep odors at a minimum.  They will not compete with your colony for resources.

The resulting larvae can be safely eaten by your pets as well.



Q. How big are they?

 A.  These active little beetles are larvae are much tinier than their mealworm cousins!  The larvae reach 3/4" maximum and the beetles are 1/4" long.


Q. Do you ship beetles or larvae?

 A.  We ship only beetles, though a few larvae may arrive along with them.


Q. What is the Buffalo beetle life cycle?

 A.  There are approximately 11 instars before pupation.  Adults live 3 months to a year, with females laying roughly 200 eggs in cracks and crevices of your enclosure.  

 Larvae hatch in one week and complete 11 instars in 40 to 100 days depending on temperature and availability of food.  The optimal temperature for growth is 86 to 90°F making them great roommates for Dubia.


Q. Do the beetles fly?

 A.  They cannot fly and can't climb smooth surfaces.