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Adult Tarantula Combo Pack

  • Tarantulas love attacking live food
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Adult Tarantula Combo Pack


For live delivery guarantee: if your temps are below 45 or above 8 the "Hold for Pickup" button must be checked above!


25ct Superworms (1.75")

1 Pod Hornworms (12 minimum)

100 Large Phoenix Worms (0.75")

50 Large Crickets (1")

20 Medium Dubia Roaches (0.75")

(optional - add on Feeder Lizard)

(we will increase large crickets to 100ct for Florida residents)



Care and Storage


Place them into a container that is shallow (a tupperware sandwich container works well) with the bran from the cup for their food.  Keep them at warm room temperatures (75° to 90°).  Add a few chunks of carrot or potato for  water to keep them alive.  The worms will not pupate as long as you keep them with many other larvae.



Keep the habitat with the cup upside down on a screen or grate so the worms get fresh air.   If you'd like your worms to grow larger, keep them at 82°.  Keep them at 55° to slow their metabolism when they're at the desired size (a wine cooler works great for this).

Hornworms will double in size when kept at warmer temperatures.  If you feel your worms are too small, place them in a warm location (next to a reptile bulb for example) and they will grow extremely quickly for you!

Shake out the yellow little 'kernels', these are the droppings and will build up quickly.


Phoenix Worms:

Phoenix Worms can be stored in their shipping cup and  can tolerate high temperatures but will have the best shelf life when stored at 50 to 60 degrees F.

A wine cooler or basement are great storage places but setting the cups near an A/C vent will work just fine.  If you have a warmer spot in your fridge like the butter tray, this is often the perfect temperature.

Although it's possible to "hold" worms for months when stored at 50 degrees, you should only order the number of worms that will be fed off within 3 weeks so your animal will have fresh food.



Keep between 80° and 90° (a reptile heater works well for this).  If you're housing them more than a day offer them cricket food such as chicken mash or cornmeal.  A water bowl with a damp sponge, or preferably water crystals as it gives them source of water that they won't drown in.  Repashy Bug Burger is an excellent food for insects that provides both food and water all-in-one.



Can be kept in the shipping cup and kept warm at room temperature.  They do extremely well when fed Repashy Bug Burger as it not only feeds but hydrates them while being calcium fortified.  If you are not using an all-in-one food/water, then they can also be fed oranges, protein enriched bread, pelleted fish food, and ground dry dog food.  They will need a water source of either a damp sponge placed in a shallow container or water crystals.