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  • Butterworms a beautiful color and fruity scent
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Chilecomadia moorei

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Butterworm Larvae

These Butterworms are the rare "Jumbo" large size measuring 1.25 to 1.5" in length and very thick.

We ship your Butterworms in wheat bran for padding and dryness along the journey to you. 

They are fantastic feeder for the fussy eater because of their vivid color and alluring fruit scent.  They're high in fat and calcium, and store for long periods of time in the refrigerator.

Fishermen have used Butterworms for generations in Europe and South America.  They are used in North America more recently for catching Steelhead and Panfish.


Care and Storage

It is normal for Butterworms to form a doughnut shaped nest during shipping.  Gently pull apart the nest to find your worms inside.

It is imperative that Butterworms be kept dry. They will die when exposed to moisture.

Keep them between 40 and 50° to slow their metabolism and keep them in a state of hibernation.

Butterworms have been irradiated to prevent bacterial growth and prevent pupation if released in the wild.

Do not feed Butterworms to your pets if you notice mold growing in the bedding.



Q. Who eats Butterworms?

A.  Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, uromastyx, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions, chameleons and turtles among many others.  They are high in calcium and fat, and have no chitin (exoskeleton) making them easily digestible.  They make a fantastic snack similar to a waxworm.


Q.  What is their nutritional content?

Protein 16%

Fat 5%

Calcium: 42.9mg/100g or 429ppm

Moisture 59%