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Crested Gecko Sampler Pack

  • Crested Geckos thrive on a variety of foods
  • Crested geckos need a wide variety of foods, MRP is the very best staple diet we've found
  • Crested Gecko MRP in the 3 oz bottle

Product Description

Crested Gecko Sampler Pack


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3 oz Crested Gecko MRP

50 Waxworms

100 Medium Phoenix Worms

200 1/2" Crickets

20 Small Dubia


In the wild geckos eat a variety of insects, fruits, and plants.  A well balanced diet with protein as well as carbs is essential to crested gecko health.    While Repashy's Crested Gecko MRP is a great staple, insect feeders not only round out the diet but are mentally stimulating for geckos to chase.