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Lobster Roaches

  • Lobster roaches
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Lobster Roaches

Naupheta cinerea

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Lobster Roaches are also known as the Speckled Cockroach and are from Egypt.

They measure 1.25" in length as adults, we ship you mixed sizes and genders.

Lobster roaches are a climbing species and must be kept in a glass enclosure, preferably with a screened lid.  They are quite territorial and should have plenty of surface area for hiding from one another (e.g. stacked egg flats, paper towel roll middles, etc.)

Because they are nocturnal, they thrive best when kept in the dark.  They love the heat!  Keep them between 90 and 95°, and give them lots of water to keep them hydrated.  Because they are climbers they can be offered water in a shallow container, but we always recommend Repashy Bug Burger for complete nutrition and hydration all-in-one.

Lobster roaches are not only soft bodied but very nutritious as they have a high meat to shell ratio.