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Scaber Dalmation Isopods

  • Dalmation Isopods
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Isopods - Scaber Dalmation

Porcellio scaber

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These isopods are a creamy white when born but just like the dogs they are named after develop their spots as they mature.  They will 'roll up' into a ball when disturbed.

We ship you 10 isopods in a container with moist paper on the journey to you.

They are great occasional snack for small frogs, salamanders, and other small reptiles

The culture can be used to seed a new tank to raise your own, or to add to a vivarium to eat detritus.

Consider adding on Repashy Morning Wood as an all-in-one food and water source for them.

Isopod Care

Isopods should be kept in a dark area at room temperature.

Lightly mist them at each feeding to keep their enclosure humid (a must!)

Leaf litter can be used not only as their bedding, but they will also enjoy eating it.  Cork bark can be placed on top as a hiding place and for easy removal of the isopods.