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Organic Hummingbird Food

  • Never miss a flutter!
  • No iron in this organic formula
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Product Description

Hummingbird Momma™ Organic Nectar

8.5oz bag organic nectar


            • No having to boil water!
            • No red dye
            • No preservatives
            • No pesticides
            • No bleaching chemicals
            • No iron


Organic nectar is created to approximate the consistency and sweetness of nectar that hummingbirds find naturally in flowers.  

Created with 100% organic sucrose with natural vitamins and minerals added to refuel hummingbirds for their greatest health.



  1. Thoroughly clean feeder and tank with warm water - do not use soap or chemicals!
  2. No boiling necessary!  Pour contents of bag into 4 cups (32oz) warm water
  3. Stir briskly until nectar is dissolved
  4. Let cool, then pour nectar into feeder - it's that easy!!
  5. Refrigerate remaining nectar in a covered container for up to 10 days.



Helpful hints to keep little Hummers returning day after day!

● Use smaller amounts of hummingbird nectar in the feeder
● Change hummingbird food frequently
● Clean the feeder with lukewarm water (no soap or detergent)
● Hang feeders in the shade
● Hang fragrant red and purple flowers close by to entice hummers
● Place feeders in separate locations to help eliminate feeder competition