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Rice Flour Beetle Culture

  • Rice Flour Beetles are extremely tiny!!!
  • Beetle and larvae
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Product Description

Rice Flour Beetles

Tribolium confusum

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Rice Flour Beetles are tiny 1/8" arthropods that come in 12 oz containers with media and will keep growing for you!  The adults will live up to a year.  The period of time for an egg to beetle takes 6 weeks at optimal temperatures.


The larvae are great food for dart frogs, baby lizards small insects, fish and more!  The adult beetles are bitter tasting.


Keep them between 75 and 85°F during the day, and they will continue to reproduce for you.  No feeding necessary!  They do not need a moisture source.


Culture should be able to seal well but not be air-tight.  


If you would like to replace the media, we recommend using a whole wheat white flour that is ground to 'Ultra-fine" and 1 part Brewer's yeast to every 9 parts flour.  Rice flour works very well if it is available rather than wheat flour.